Author: Seer Prophetess D

The Wonder of God’s Love

Dear Lord, we would ask that you would let your unfailing love surround us, for our hope Lord is in you alone. (Psalm 33: 22). We are surrounded by your presence, your power and your unfailing mercy and love. When I sit in my quiet time with the Lord in prayer and meditate on his […]

The World Needs A Hero (A Tribute to the Late Chadwick Boseman)

Like a shooting star he rose higher and higher representing the best of us. His presence blossomed in the first movie that ever shattered the glass ceiling of talent and skills for black actors in our history. It is most remarkable how he seemed to have poured out the very essence of his being in […]

Jehovah’s Vow to His Covenant People for Their Faithfulness and Obedience

Just as the Jehovah vowed this to Israelites on their way to the Promise Land, he also makes this vow to his faithful followers today if they will be obedient and faithful in following him (Exodus 23:26). Blessed is the land with abundant supply, fruitfulness, and length of lifespan (Exodus 23: 26). Blessed with “Bread […]

Call out to Researchers of Infectious Diseases

The Lord has given me to give a call out to the skilled individuals who spend their lives working as Researchers of Infectious Diseases, such as the Covid-19 Pandemic. I am including just some of the various individuals such as Scientists, biochemists, chemists, biologists, pharmaceutical companies, mathematicians, epidemiologists, and many who are unnamed. I know […]