Our Mission

Apostolic Miracle Center International central purpose is winning souls for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, the continuance of spreading the Gospel of Salvation through out the whole world; and to let the light of Jesus so shine through us that men of all nationalities will be drawn to him.
Our aim is to carry on the works of Jesus Christ in the earth for the betterment of humanity and the advancing of the kingdom.

Our Vision

Inspired by our Apostolic Doctrine, Apostolic Miracle Center International inspires us to be inter-generational, multicultural, devoted and passionate followers of Christ, who follow Jesus’ command of going out into the highways and hedges and invite men and women from all walks of life to know God, to be an integral part of meeting the needs of the community, to work closely with other churches and other faith groups, and as Christ’s ambassadors , to keep committing people to the Lord is our central goal through the Ministry and Outreach of Apostolic Miracle Center International.

Our Values

Living Our Faith

• We believe the Holy Spirit inspires all that we do

• We embrace the Gospel of Christ and encourage a personal relationship with him

• We acknowledge the diversity of other doctrines of faith


• We are personally responsible

• We lead by example and are accountable for our actions

• We believe and promote our Christian values, based on the inspired word of God


• We promote collaboration

• We encourage brotherhood by cooperating with other people of faith in all our Christian endeavors

• We work together with other faith groups to achieve common goals

Professionalism and Excellence

• We work to pursue continuous improvement

• We encourage continual learning of Christian values

• We strive for excellence, integrity, and honesty, in all that we do

Christian Leadership

• We inspire future Christian leaders

• We encourage our youth to pursue Christian leadership and service in the church and in the world

• We recognize individuality, and seek equality

• We follow Apostolic Miracle Center International’s doctrine

~ 2 Timothy 2: 15