Who will stand in the Gap for humanity?

It is reported as of 2018, there are 7, 594 billion people on the earth. Reportedly, 2, 779, 411 people were affected by the Coronavirus, 206,000 died from the virus, and 875, 207 has recovered. This Pandemic has brought this planet to its knees reeling from its attack on human lives. We witnessed thousands of people lose their livelihood, who were left without any source of support.

We watched in suspense as the Federal Government made a hasty attempt to try alleviating the financial burdens imposed by the inability to maintain a source of employment. We helplessly stood by as many seniors were at the mercy of this dreaded plague as it invaded nursing homes and care centers for the elderly. We were made aware of babies and young children, who lost their lives. We were informed of literally healthy young fathers and mothers, who succumbed to this disease.
We stood in lines in grocery stores and supermarkets where people ravished the shelves to grab food and items for themselves and their families. People were literally seen on television grabbing and fighting over toilet paper and paper towels.

The Federal Government was scurrying in a last-minute attempt to secure the mask and the medical equipment that was so critically needed to save a massive number of lives that were being lost daily. Their failure to react to the pandemic immediately was causing the plague to spread exponentially and at an ever-increasing rate.

Social media was bombarded with the same information repeated over and over, endlessly. The message seemed to mostly target the elderly, the sick, and the disabled. There was always the gloom and doom of how many people had been affected or how many were projected to be affected. However, there was extraordinarily little talk of how many were recovering, which resulted in creating pure pandemonium.

The atmosphere was filled with fear. It was fear of getting infected and the fact that no cure or treatment had been found. This fear of the fatal impact of the plague began to promote the fear that you might be infected by anyone and everyone. Because of the social distancing, each person was driven into isolation. This forced isolation only stirred up more fear, loneliness, and a sense of hopelessness. During this crucial period, we heard and observed how selfish and uncaring humans beings really are when they become frightened for their own lives.

The one place that has always been our greatest source of inspiration and encouragement has been our churches, and they were forced to close in order to prevent the spread of this plague. The enemy’s (the devil) evil plan now had come full circle. His plan was two-fold to first create such fear that church services had to be stopped. After the church people were not able to meet at their regular churches and gain strength the enemy knew in time they would begin to doubt their faith. He knew that once faith is gone, the hope and desire to survive will follow.

Even with death all around us and humanity in danger of decimation from plagues and diseases, people seem to still be unaware of the desperate need for repentance. It is as if they are not aware of what was really going on around them. For only a moment was humanity frightened and in fear of losing the world as we know it.

Even after so many lives had been lost to this horrible plague, there seems to be no real outcry and the need for uniting in prayer to seek the Lord for deliverance. You would hear of a few people from other countries mention prayer, but it was not from a united front, nor was it from America.

The death of so many people all over the world from this dreaded disease should have brought a momentous outcry of millions of Christians and Christian leaders leading people in repentance, asking God to have mercy, but there was none. It appeared as if everyone was only interested in themselves, their family, and close friends. When everyone was ordered to distance themselves, it was the signal to just go home and save yourself.

I was in prayer when the Lord spoke to me early the morning of April 17, and brought to my mind the scriptures of Ezekiel 22: 30-31, 1 Timothy 2: 1-2, and Psalm 106: 3. He told me that God is still searching for someone, who will be willing to “stand in the ‘Gap.’ He reminded me that the world was refusing to humble themselves even facing the danger of being destroyed by this plague that Satan has brought on the world. More importantly, people were ignoring the fact that the Lord had allowed it due to sin and willful disobedience, and the absence of spirit-filled intercessory prayer asking God to spare humanity from being destroyed.

The sins of the world were summed up by Ezekiel in the 22nd chapter. God showed us by this example of what he declared that he would do to the Israelites as retribution for their sins. The Lord was angry with the false prophets, who were supposed to build a wall of protection (righteousness) around the house of Israel to stand in the day of battle. They only prophesied seeing falsehoods and lying divinations. He was also angry because he was searching for Godly shepherds, who was supposed to stand in holiness and lead the people in the ways of God. Shepherds to stand in the place of danger and protect the people.

However, these Religious leaders were not willing to put their own lives on the line as role models of righteousness, who would protect the people of God from the false teachers and a culture of lies. They were not performing the work that was so needed in rebuilding the wall and fighting against the enemy in the places of danger.

The Lord searched for a man to stand in the ‘Gap’ and plead for the nation, but he found none. Thus, God poured out his indignation on them: he succumbed with the fire of his wrath. Their way he brought upon their heads,” declared the lord (Ezekiel 22: 31).

This “Gap” refers to the danger of the destruction that is about to be brought down upon the entire world. God is sending this same message as a severe warning to the nations of the world today. The sins of the nations have come up before him and are so grievous that the Lord’s anger has waxed hot. He is searching all over the land, for righteous men, who are willing to put their lives on the line and stand in the ‘Gap’ before him for the land. If no one will humble themselves to stand in the rupture ( where the gross sins exist), and rebuild the wall of righteousness to turn the people back to him, judgment will again fall on the guilty.

This is a foreshadowing of what is about to come upon the world in these last days. This was prophetically described in Revelations 18: 8 and is revisited in this pandemic, to warn us today. It is Apocalyptic. This is the message that is speaking from the biblical book of Revelations prophesying or foretelling impending disaster and total worldwide destruction. Who will ‘stand in the ‘Gap’ and cry out for the whole of humanity?

Scripture left us the instruction, in 2nd Chronicles 7: 14, “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways: then will I hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.”

~ Seer Prophetess D
~ Seer Prophetess D

I am a Seer, a Prophetess, a Teacher, a Perceiver and a Bearer of Truth to the World.

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