The Lord’s Call to the Seven Continents

Men and women of God we have witnessed terrible atrocities in our live times and it seem to have gotten worse and worse. Our nation of America and all other nations of the world is filled with hatred, violence, rebellion, injustice, inequality, and blatant sexual sins that so grieve the heart of God. Men and women’s heart has become desensitized to righteousness and respect for God. The truth is no longer regarded and a lie is the accepted style of the day. The entire world appears to be regressing back to the terrible history of treating our fellow man inhumane. Repentance must come or we will see the entire human race perish.

What we are experiencing from the effect this CORONA VIRUS, is similar to a biblical pestilence, and is Apocalyptic (Revelations 18: 8). This dreaded plague has slithered from nation to nation and has spread like wildfire from one person to another. The bible tells us that the wages of sin is death (Romans 6:23). Even with the horror of so many people dying there are people who are still not taking it serious. Some are still planning their beer parties and hanging out as a joke as if it can not ever happen to them.

The experts are trying desperately to find a treatment and a cure and many have succumbed to the disease in the process. Our nurses and front line responders are struck by this evil and many of them have either perished or are bed ridden and unable to continue caring for others. We must repent and seek God’s face, turn from our wicked ways, forgive, and pray in order to drive this horrible destroyer of lives, from our planet back to where it came from. The word of God assures us in 2 Chronicles 7: 14 that this is his solution for destroying evil, and receiving his power to bring total deliverance from all sickness and diseases, sin and heal our land. To accomplish this crucial task the Lord has given me to make known the following instructions:

The Lord has instructed me to tell all seven Continents, Africa, Asia, Europe, Oceania/Australia, North America, South America, and Antarctica that he is calling forth 10 righteous men and women of each of their continents, who are full of the Holy Spirit to come together and designate a specific time to fast and pray and intercede for mercy and deliverance for the whole world from this plague. They must make sure each continent’s representatives are aware of the scheduled time they are praying and fasting so they will be in unity as one great voice to echo in the courts of heaven. It must be for a period of seven weeks. Each Wednesday to pray at 6 a.m. for thirty minutes, and fast until 2 pm. This is to continue until God drive this evil from our world and our people are set free and restored to health. We are to follow the example of Abraham when the people had grievously sinned and God sent the angels to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah (Genesis 18: 20; Genesis 18: 20-22).

The righteous must intercede for those who have not accepted Jesus Christ as their personal savior. This example of coming together in unity will display our love for God’s people all over the world. As people from all ethnicities, we will show by our example that we are willing to do as Abraham, in seeking God’s mercy, grace, to save mankind and rid the world of this evil. These seventy chosen servants of God will manifest the real heart of God in true intercession for the entire world.

~ Seer Prophetess D
~ Seer Prophetess D

I am a Seer, a Prophetess, a Teacher, a Perceiver and a Bearer of Truth to the World.

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  1. avatarAngie

    This is so powerful, true and needed. I support the call out to the nations and may the chosen men/women of God join in with Prophetess D in this much needed intercessory prayer for people of God all over this nation and the world. May the church community continue to support it’s leaders for the sacrifice they have given in service to the Lord, with prayer and encouragement as they go before the Lord during these times.
    May the word of God continually be manifested each day through the written and revealed word of the Lord.

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