“Each Day Starts And Ends With You”

I want to wish you the most blessed and overcoming New Year. I would also like to tell you that the Lord gave me a word of knowledge I wish to leave with you. You see we as individuals have the habit of letting on that everything that happens to us is not from our decision but from others imposing their will upon us. This is particularly true when things go wrong after we have chosen the wrong path and did everything, we wanted to do whether it was right or wrong. In other words, because now we must pay for our mistakes, we start to play the blame game.The Lord commissioned me to tell you this one statement: “Every day begins and ends with you.”The meaning of that prior statement is that everything in your life is directly a result your choice. You make the decision from what you will wear to the food you eat, and the place you go or chose not to go. You even determine who will be a part of your day from morning till evening. You are the one who makes the decision on all that you do. The Lord is telling us a most important fact. Everything you do starts and ends with you. Since this is true it would behoove us to begin our day and end our day with the right companions. The first person I would advise you to ask to be a constant companion in all that you do is our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ. You see when you choose him as your first and most desired companion, all the rest of your day will be filled with peace, joy, and success (Lamentations 3: 22-23).

My interpretation of this commission is the Lord is telling us to start and end our day with HIM, JESUS!

~ Seer Prophetess D
~ Seer Prophetess D

I am a Seer, a Prophetess, a Teacher, a Perceiver and a Bearer of Truth to the World.

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