Author: Seer Prophetess D

Forgiveness On Display

Our nation is in the process of facing so many critical issues that it is time to end the discussion of misbehavior at the Oscars. As human beings, we are all guilty of imperfections in our own lives (John 8: 3-11). The scriptures tell us that all have sinned and come short of God’s glory […]


America, it is time to stop being tricked by people who are pretending that they are working for the good of all Americans. These people are antagonistic. Their real intentions are to cause conflict and impede what is being done in our nation to bring about recovery and wholeness to every citizen. Unfortunately, a few […]

“Love is Born”

Christmas is all about love. Love for our friends and family, and love for our associates and even love for those who seem un-loveable. God demonstrated this by sending into the world in the form of a new born baby, called Emanuel, God with us. God set us an example of love through his gift […]